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Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are some of the commonest sporting mishaps, and when you consider that the ankle bears most of an athlete’s body weight, whilst being subjected to sudden turns and twisting forces, you can see why. But the fact is, anyone who simply slips on ice or uneven ground can suffer the same fate.

It can be difficult sometimes to tell a fracture (broken bone) apart from a severe sprain (ligament injury). Both can be extremely painful, with swelling and bruising, and inability to bear weight on your foot. If your joint looks deformed or you can see bone through an open wound or have had a car or other serious accident, don’t try to move; just have someone call an ambulance.

Simple sprains where the ligament is stretched but not torn can often be treated at home, following the RICE protocol: REST the joint by using crutches and not bearing weight on it; use ICE packs for 15-20 minutes three times a day (be sure to wrap the ice in a thin cloth and stop if the skin turns numb); apply COMPRESSION bandages exactly according to the instructions; and finally, ELEVATE your leg on pillows so that it’s higher than your heart.

A mild sprain soon heals, but if you’re still in pain or just not recovering fast enough, come and see us here at Pain Remedial Clinic. We offer Dry Needling, Manipulation, Physical Therapy and other rehabilitative techniques. So if you live in or around Meath, Cavan, Dublin or Louth and you’re battling an ankle injury, kick-start your recovery by giving us a call!

“I spent over two years looking for a cure. I tried ultrasound, many different orthotics (including ones custom fitted for me), exercises & stretches, steroid injections, laser treatment, MBT shoes, all for at least three months at a time to ensure each treatment got a fair shot. Following morning, foot to floor and no pain! Went back to have the other foot checked. Have not seen Cathal since!”

Barry McFadden, Dublin

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