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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints affecting the majority of adults at some point in their lives so this is why it is one of the most common problems we treat.

The cal sac, facet joints, ligaments, tendons, discs, spinal cord, nerves, back muscles, abdomen, pelvic internal organs and the skin around the lumbar area can cause you excruciating pain that you can’t even put on your socks! 

As we age, degenerative changes can damage our spine. Heavy or awkward lifting, prolonged sitting, or poor posture can also bring on strains and sprains, slipped discs and sciatica.

So what can I  do?

Allow yourself a couple of hours tucked up in bed, with an icepack or hot water bottle, a supply of over the counter painkillers and a good book to take your mind off things. But don’t overdo the resting! It’s important to remain active to prevent weakening of your back muscles.

Often, simple ice or heat applications, OTC painkillers and a brief rest will work wonders but if after a while you’re wondering where to get help, don’t despair we deal with these kind of injuries all the time.

If the pain is severe you need expert help such as –  AcupuncturePhysical TherapyVisceral Manipulation and Dry Needling. Sometimes, recovery may take several weeks or more but just have faith  – we will be able to help you!

“Really impressed- I was in a bad way last Monday after hurting my back at weekend. Three sessions of dry needling this week and pretty much back to normal already. Highly recommend to anyone with back problems:-)”

Paul Kelly, Kells

“After being off work for 7 months with lower back pain and having tried various therapists, I got immediate relief and over the course of treatments I significantly improved. To be honest I was very sceptical as I had tried many different types of treatments prior to Cathal, all to no avail. During one treatment session I mentioned to Cathal I suffered from IBS and all the various scopes and scans I had done over the last 14 years. Cathal said he could help and after a couple of treatments my IBS is 90% better, no bloating or acid reflux and a digestive system that works again. I would highly recommend Cathal as he has the knowledge and experience to sort any problem.”

Caroline Reilly, Cavan

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