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Migraines / Headaches

Headache Hell!

Headaches are common – a recent study found over a third of adults suffer frequent tension headaches. That’s enough to make your head throb! The good news, though, is that most headaches are not dangerous.

Tension headaches- the most common, feel like a tight band round your head. These usually stem from stress, family life and work and may also be caused by muscle contraction or blood flow problems.

Migraine headaches are visual, such as flickering lights, spots, or lines. Over the counter painkillers may help, but beware: medication overuse can itself cause a headache.

So how can you tell when a headache is dangerous?

Never ignore a worsening or persistent headache (particularly after a head injury) or any headache accompanied by a stiff neck, drowsiness, confusion, fever, fits, eye or ear pain.

Acupuncture been used for thousands of years and in skilled hands can be a great and safe way to treat headaches and migraines. Why not call Pain Remedial Clinic and see how powerful these ancient healing techniques are for you?

“I’ve been in so much pain for years now but after only 3 sessions I can’t believe the difference. I haven’t slept as well in years as I have this week. My headaches are gone too and I have so much energy and feel so positive with life. Already, I feel stronger riding my horse and look forward to competing pain free! Cathal, you are truly gifted! So glad I made that call!”

Ingrid O’Connor, Kells

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