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Neck Pain / Strain

Neck Pain

Many patients complain of achy, shooting, sharp feelings in the neck and these painful symptoms can radiate and are often felt in the upper back, shoulder, arm or hand. An underlying neck problem can also trigger headaches and even migraines.  Often, the primary problem is tightened muscles and poor posture from daily stress, sitting at computers and inactivity. In addition, whiplash from car accidents and injuries can further strain the neck.

Be aware that serious damage can result from text neck’ and if left untreated can cause spinal misalignment and disc degeneration, onset of early arthritis and nerve damage

Fortunately, most neck pain is due to a simple strain or sprain. Your neck is a network of muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs which provide a magic combo – support with flexibility. Unfortunately, these tissues can be injured by whiplash, poor posture or even a rash move at Zumba.

Often, simple ice or heat applications, over the counter painkillers and a rest will work wonders. However, if your neck pain is persistent, don’t despair as we deal with these kind of injuries all the time.

” I was diagnoised with Cervical dystonia, which is when the muscles in the neck go into spasm causing the neck to involuntarily turn. I was involved in a head on collision 4 years ago and have severe neck pain and headaches since. What impressed me most is Cathal’s gentle approach; everybody else cracked, pulled and dragged out of me – but Cathal was different. Thanks for my life back!”  


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