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Positional Release

Postional release is a form of manual medicine that resolves pain and tissue dysfunction. Through positioning the body and tissue in positions of comfort, the neurological system can be manipulated to interrupt the pain spasm cycle and over time, to reset the resting length of tissue in a “normal” range, which promotes increase in strength, performance and function.

Essentially- PRT is the opposite of stretching. Much like unkinking a knot from a chain necklace. PRT works in the same fashion; tissues are pushed together, twisted, compressed and manipulated to take tension off “neurological chain links.” The therapy is pain-free and is suited for all ages and most painful conditions.

The treatment of whiplash, or other acute muscle strain injuries and soft tissue strain effective treatment for inflamed tissues. Treatment for special populations to include pre/post operative patients and frail, delicate, hyper-sensitive individuals. Treatment options where manual methods may cause too much pain or discomfort.

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