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Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome

Sacroiliac Joint Pain – the Lurking Lower Back Syndrome 

Sacroiliac Joint Pain is a common condition, accounting for 15 – 25% of cases of lower back pain. Unfortunately, it’s also a very commonly misdiagnosed condition. People may suffer for years before receiving the right diagnosis, as it’s often confused with slipped disc or other ailments.

Your sacrum is a bone at the base of your spine made up of five vertebrae fused together. The sacroiliac joint is where it meets the ilium, the large bone of your pelvis that you can feel when you put your hands on your hips.

Every day your lower spine is subjected to enormous loads. Fortunately, your sacroiliac joint dissipates some of that force, channelling it down your legs. It’s a joint built for stability rather than mobility, as the pelvis must support the entire weight of your upper body.

Helping it in this task is a band of ligaments – the strongest in the body – which serve to stabilise the joint. Unfortunately, these ligaments can still be injured, resulting in degenerative changes to the joint. A car accident, a bad fall landing on your backside, an over-gruelling exercise regime or just an awkward twist while carrying a heavy load can all cause damage.

Hormonal changes in pregnancy (and childbirth itself) causes laxity in the sacroiliac ligaments causing a hypermobility syndrome. Infections and inflammatory conditions like Ankylosing Spondylitis can cause sacroiliac joint pain too. If you have one leg shorter than the other – even slightly – this may set you up for problems in the joint.

If the pain is severe you need expert help such as –  Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Dry Needling.  Get help – contact us to get the relief you deserve!

“A total legend!! I’ve tried chiros, Osteopaths, Acupuncture etc etc etc. Not a patch on him- I can move again!!! Highly recommended.”

Grainne Kearns, Navan

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