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Whiplash is a very common sequel to a road accident, but can also occur following a blow to the head. It typically occurs when the impact of a car crash forces your head to loll backward, then throws it forward, putting tremendous strain on your neck.  The soft tissues of your neck – ligaments, muscles and tendons – are sprained or strained. Additionally the cartilage discs between your vertebrae may tear.

Because whiplash can occur along with fracture and other serious injuries, an ambulance should always be called if a person is in pain or can’t move easily after a road accident. However, sometimes a person feels fine and walks away. The pain of whiplash can develop later, sometimes as much as three days after the event. Apart from pain, your neck may be stiff and difficult to move, and sometimes neurological symptoms such as headache, dizziness, vertigo, weakness or numbness in a limb may occur.

On the first day, you can use ice wrapped in a cloth for short periods to relieve pain, along with OTC painkillers. Try not to sit for long periods, and definitely avoid heavy lifting or manual work. Whiplash often heals by itself. However, if after a day or so you are still in pain and unable to return to your normal activities, you may need some extra help.

A recent study found that 20 days after completing a set of sessions, whiplash sufferers had significantly less pain than those who did not receive therapy. Our treatment programmes, as well as guided exercises, manipulation, acupuncture and other therapies are available to you here at Pain Remedial Clinic in Meath. So don’t let whiplash whip away your ability to do the things you love. Give us a call today!

“I was diagnosed with Cervical Distonia which is when the muscles go into spasm causing the neck to involuntarily turn. I was involved in a head on collision 4 years ago and have had severe neck pain and headaches since. What impressed me most was Cathal’s gentle approach; everybody else cracked, pulled and dragged out of me but Cathal was different. Thanks for my life back!”

Seamus McGarry, Baileborough

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